Today marks an exciting milestone for us and for the security industry overall. API security is a growing crisis, driven by the widespread adoption of cloud-native and microservice architectures which depend on APIs to connect applications and services. Not only is there a proliferation of APIs, but the APIs evolve at DevOps speed. All of this has created an API security crisis, where application teams (Dev, Sec, and Ops) need:

  • Visibility into their API risks and what their APIs are doing
  • Protection at the API level from active threats
  • Analytics into past API activity, threats, and issues

At Traceable, we are committed to helping to solve the API security crisis (before it becomes a crisis). We know that many API security champions need to get started and we want to help by eliminating one big source of friction – budget.

Traceable AI – Free is a robust and capable API security solution delivering API Discovery, Insights, API DNA, Risk Scoring, and API / Web protection, all for one simple price; $0. This makes it suitable for everyone working to solve their API security crisis. When a team is ready to scale their API security solution and increase their coverage and analytics our Team tier delivers real value for a reasonable price.

I’ve been working with DevOps teams for a long time and I know how important speed is. In this case, speed of getting started. That’s why we are also introducing a “SELF SERVICE” approach to Traceable AI. You now have the option – Sign up, Configure your account, Configure your application, and start protecting your APIs.  It’s a simple as 0 – 1 – 2 – 3.  (ok perhaps there are a couple of more steps, but not many).

So that means the solution to the API Security Crisis is here!

  1. It only takes a few minutes to start protecting your APIs, and
  2. You DON’T need a credit card!

Sign up and get started today

I cannot tell you how proud I am of the entire Traceable AI team. For the past 2 years, I’ve constantly been amazed by the innovation, dedication, and talent that the entire team has displayed. I want to specifically thank our amazing investors who helped us bring Traceable AI to life. Our customers who we are honored to support in their API security efforts, their candid and insightful feedback have dramatically improved our designs and ideas. I also want to thank our partners and collaborators who are helping us on our quest to solve the API security crisis.

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