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42Crunch provides a platform that enables an automated set of tools that help to secure APIs throughout the software development cycle. Built around a positive API security model based on the Open API/Swagger file, 42Crunch can help automate security checks throughout your CI/CD pipelines. Throughout the process, it can execute detailed security checks, providing security scores and remediation advice to developers. This finalized contract is used to provide real-time security enforcement with their API firewall.

Traceable was purpose-built to provide the highest level of protection for both Web and API applications, offering a security platform that can block sophisticated unknown attacks that target your application’s business logic flaws and vulnerabilities. Our security platform offers a powerful capability to collect all data from all touchpoints within your application as user-driven traffic flows through your application. This lays the groundwork to build powerful machine learning models that can quickly surface malicious behavior that can quickly lead to sensitive data exposure.

Traceable AI is the leader in API security and enables comprehensive protection for APIs including the Log4j/Log4Shell exploit.

API Security Requirements42 Crunch
Traceable AI
API Discovery and Risk Management
APIs Discovery
Risk Scoring
Change Detection
Usage Analysis
3rd Party API Risk
Detection and Blocking of Attacks
OWASP Top 10 attacks - WAF
OWASP API Top 10 attacks
DDoS Protection
User Behavior Attacks
User Identification & Behavior Analytics
Bot Mitigation
Fraud Detection
Data Flow Analytics
Sensitive Data Flow
Security Data Lake For Analytics & Threathunting
Inline / Agent-based

Consider the following points when evaluating 42Crunch

Open API File-based Protection

 The problem with OpenAPI parameter files right from the start was that they were difficult to update and maintain, pulling the developer away from the serious work of developing new software features. If a developer doesn’t update that API parameter file, it can leave the door wide open for a cybercriminal to target and exploit your API application. Traceable is able to automatically discover and update all API parameter changes, without the need to maintain an OpenAPI file, ensuring that your API Security is automated and up-to-date.

Business Logic understanding

APIs expose business logic, and attackers often exploit your business logic to abuse your APIs.  UnderstandingAPI context and transaction/data flows are crucial to detecting and defending against business logic attacks. Traceable was purpose-built to detect and block sophisticated business logic attacks by collecting transactions across an application and building out sophisticated models. Suggest exploring how 42Crunch can detect and block business logic attacks.

Sensitive Data Tracking

Maintaining an API catalog that highlights sensitive data, like PII, PCI, etc exposure is a critical step in mitigating data breaches.  Traceable has the ability to pinpoint your sensitive data and identify and visualize each API flow across your applications, allowing you to identify insecure or vulnerable APIs that could lead to a devastating data breach.

Security Data Lake

Historical data about attempted API attacks is a crucial need for security teams to improve their security posture over time. Traceable is built on a security data lake that enables EDR-like capabilities that enterprise security teams have been using for years. Customers can perform threat hunting, post-forensic analysis and track sensitive data flows across their API-driven applications.

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