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Neosec is an intelligent application security platform based on data and behavioral analytics. Neosec is the XDR equivalent for API security.

Traceable AI is an API security solution built on an observability platform with a powerful security data lake and patent-pending ML technologies. Traceable AI also enables capabilities similar to XDR for cloud-native and distributed applications.

To see how Neosec and Traceable AI compare functionality-wise see the table on this page.

API Security RequirementsNeosec
Traceable AI
API Discovery and Risk Management
APIs Discovery
Risk Scoring
Change Detection
Usage Analysis
3rd Party API Risk
Detection and Blocking of Attacks
OWASP Top 10 attacks - WAF
OWASP API Top 10 attacks
DDoS Protection
User Behavior Attacks
User Identification & Behavior Analytics
Bot Mitigation
Fraud Detection
Data Flow Analytics
Sensitive Data Flow
Security Data Lake For Analytics & Threathunting
Inline / Agent-based

Consider the following points about Neosec and Traceable AI

Data Collection

Neosec collects data from existing API activity happening around the application itself, without deploying sensors of sidecars. Is Neosec working with all the data? How does it understand internal application logic without deriving it from what it see’s externally?

Traceable AI offers a complete integrated application security solution that has the ability to collect deep data from across all application touch points, from within and around an application, and stores them in a security data lake for deep analysis. This breadth of deep data enables powerful XDR-like capabilities such as behavioral analysis, threat hunting, post-forensic analysis, and sensitive data-tracking.

Real-Time Enforcement

Neosec blocking capability is through integrations with 3rd party vendors such as API gateways and proxies, which can delay enforcement by seconds.

Traceable AI was built with a range of deployment options ensuring that customers can choose between real-time in-app blocking and agentless deployment and blocking options, allowing customers to choose how and where to block threats that target their applications.

Web & API Protection

Neosec focuses on API security only, not web application protection too.

Cybercriminals often target both web and API applications of an organization, looking for an easy unprotected way to access sensitive data. Not having an integrated and complete security solution that covers both web and API security is an invitation to cybercriminals to target your organization.

Traceable AI offers an integrated approach that covers security protection for both web and API applications, ensuring that attackers won’t find an easy way into your application and your sensitive data.

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