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The Price of Hubris:

The Perils of Overestimating the Security of Your APIs

This e-book offers a warning on what happens when you overestimate the security of your APIs. It provides a look into the tactics and techniques of API hacker Alissa Knight.

This e-book covers:

  • Why read this and why listen to the author
  • Key takeaways and recommendations
  • APIs rising – the what, why, and where of APIs
  • Kill chain methodology – hacking APIs step-by-step
  • API attacks by example – a detailed look at attacks on financial services, healthcare, and automobiles.
Alissa Knight
“Many of the APIs I’ve hacked … were ‘protected’ by API gateways, WAFs, and tokens that failed to detect and prevent my attacks.”

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About the Author: Alissa Knight

Alissa Knight is a recovering hacker of 20 years. She has published the first book on hacking connected cars and is working on a new series of books into hacking and securing APIs and microservices. Alissa is known for having white hat hacked financial services and healthcare apps, as well as law enforcement vehicles.


Includes API kill chain step-by-step details and mitigations

  • Learn attack methodology and step-by-step details
  • Learn mitigations to each attack step
  • See inside the mind of the attacker
  • See real world examples of how the kill chain played out