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API Rate Limiting and Throttling for Advanced API Abuse Prevention

API Abuse occurs when a malicious party uses an API in a way that was not intended by its original design, such as making excessive requests to a server in order to cause a denial of service attack, or using an API to access sensitive information without proper authorization.

Traceable allows security teams to apply policies to rate limit APIs and/or users by defining known candidates or broader options in their absence, defining crucial conditions to identify the targets where rate limiting is essential for the business applications to function smoothly.

Download the solutions brief to learn:

  1. What is intelligent rate limiting and how it provides advanced protection from API Abuse?
  2. How, with Traceable, you can identify the right APIs and attributes for rate limiting
  3. How to identify suspicious users and user groups, as well as their intended target APIs and sensitive data
  4. How to implement custom rate limiting policies for robust API abuse and API fraud protection