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At this year's RSA Conference, join Traceable for expert sessions, product demos, and a several raffles for exciting prizes!

South Hall | Booth 2133

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Join the Leader in API Security for Expert Sessions and Product Demos
At this year's RSA Conference, join Traceable for expert sessions, product demos, and a several raffles for exciting prizes!

Traceable will be presenting several innovative and informative sessions for our experts in API security, including Traceable Co-Founders, Jyoti Bansal and Sanjay Nagaraj, Chief Security Officer, Richard Bird, Chief Customer Officer, Arpit Patel, and our renowned threat research team.

These speaking sessions will cover both technical and thought leadership tracks, including Zero Trust Security, API threat protection and threat management, defining context-based API security, FFIEC compliance, and much more.
Traceable is offering numerous activities to learn about API Security:
  • Expert Sessions Join Traceable experts for a variety of sessions on Zero Trust Security, FFIEC Guidelines, customer stories, and technical topics including threat research and data breach analysis.
  • Product Demos Check out our unique product demos to get a better understanding of our platform, the use cases we solve for, and get expert advice on API security challenges.
  • Exciting Prizes Traceable is offering a wide variety of raffles with a chance to win exciting prizes. Come to our booth to sign up for a demo and automatically be entered to win.
Schedule of Expert Sessions at the Traceable RSA Booth:
Located at South Hall | Booth 2133
Sanjay Nagaraj, CTO, Traceable
Learn from Traceable's Co-Founder and CTO, Sanjay Nagaraj, as he takes us through numerous technical thought leadership sessions, including eBPF: The Future of API Security, and Shift Left Security: The Foundational Piece to API Security Initiatives
Richard Bird, CSO, Traceable
Traceable's Chief Security Officer, Richard Bird will provide insights on the top security topics of RSA: Why Zero Trust Must Include API Security, API Governance: Get a Handle on the Avalanche of APIs in your organization, and FFIEC Compliance: What it means for API Security.
Arpit Patel, Chief Customer Officer, Traceable
Traceable is known for being customer-obsessed, and we have the track record to prove it. Join Traceable's Chief Customer Officer, Arpit Patel, as he leads us through the latest security research, as well as an in-depth case study on one of Traceable's enterprise customers, Informatica.
Sudeep Padiyar, Head of Product Management, Traceable
Sudeep Padiyar is Traceable's Head of Product Management, and at RSA 2023, he will be presenting Traceable's new platform capabilities around Zero Trust API Access.
Amod Gupta, Director, Product Management, Traceable
Amod Gupta will unveil Traceable's API governance framework, an industry first to help organizations better manage the inventory and security of their APIs. In addition, he will cover API Security Testing, showing us how to secure APIs through the entire software development lifecycle.
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