OWASP API Top 10 Webinar Series Episode IV

Episode IV: The Attacker's Perspective, Approaches To API Pentesting, Best Tools For Finding Entry Points

recorded on: 

October 15, 2020

10:00 am


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OWASP API Top 10 Webinar Series Episode IV


In this 4-part webinar series, Inon Shkedy (Head of Security Research, Traceable ; co-author OWASP API Top 10) explores the OWASP API Top 10 project and provides detailed explanations about the API threats documented in the OWASP project.

In this 4th and final episode, Inon will focus on the attacker’s perspective on API security:

  • How the predictable nature of REST APIs can help you to find admin endpoints and write better payloads to exploit mass assignment?
  • How to approach API pentest? Which features and endpoints you should prioritize to maximize your time?
  • What to do when you get stuck and need to expand the attack surface? What are the best tools you can use to find more entry points to the tested application?

Inon will also explore these vulnerabilities from a developer perspective and answer questions on these topics and the OWASP API Top 10.


Inon Shkedy

Head of Security Research
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