Protect your GraphQL & gRPC API

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recorded on: 

October 29, 2020

10:00 am


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Protect your GraphQL & gRPC API


Are your applications protected?

Join security experts as we discuss how optimal application and API architecture requires the use of new protocols.

In this live session we will cover:

  • The use of Traceable for cloud-native application visibility
  • Protecting your external and internal APIs from OWASP Top 10 risks
  • The new capabilities of Traceable in the GraphQL and gRPC protocols

The move from a 3-tier architecture to microservices made the applications more distributed and API centric and exposed internal business logic. The APIs and protocols also evolved from proprietary to standardized protocols, like REST, GraphQL, GRPC, and with flexible data structures in JSON and YAML allowing for frequent evolution.

Hackers, always the opportunists, saw the gap and took advantage. New category of API-centric attacks emerged and became so dangerous that the OWASP API project was born to help educate security professionals about these new threats.


Renata Budko

VP Products
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