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What is Traceable?

API Discovery Risk Management

API Discovery & Risk Management

API Security, API Discovery and Risk Management. Understand the real-time security posture of your application and APIs in your fast paced, constantly changing microservices-based application.

Runtime Application & API Protection

Runtime Application & API Protection

Application security from modern API security threats. Actionable insight into your current web application security and API security posture, effectively seeing into the ‘DNA’ of your application and associated APIs.

Data and Threat Analytics

Data & Threat Analytics

Analytics, Data Privacy and Compliance. Understand the nature of the data flowing into, out of, and within your applications and APIs. Enable forensics, threat analysis, and faster audit responses.

Intelligent Security Testing

Intelligent Security Testing (coming soon)

Bring our Security AI insights from operational knowledge left in the pipeline to detect and block risks as early as possible.

Why Security and Developers Choose Traceable

Traceable is designed to protect applications from the inside and to keep up with the speed of development and attackers.

  • Automatic API discovery and app topology
  • Automatic and continuous API risk scoring
  • Protection from OWASP & OWASP API Top 10, and emerging threats
  • User attribution and user behavior anomalies
  • Granular data access visibility

Today’s top security and development teams choose Traceable.


“Traceable helps us see how the apps and APIs are actually used in production and what vulnerabilities might exist so that they can be fixed proactively.”

Greg Phillips, Houwzer
Greg Phillips,
CTO, Houwzer

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“Traceable is future-proofing organizations’ API security strategies by detecting anomalous API traffic from edge to data, and creating actionable intelligence to respond to threats in cloud-native environments.”

Lakshmi Hanspal, CISO, Box & Investor at SVCI


“Traceable’s approach fundamentally differs from others in that it understands the application’s intent and its correct usage behavior. No other product does this.”

Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade & Investor at SVCI


“Traceable solves one of the biggest problems security teams face, which is distinguishing between valid and malicious use of an application’s APIs.”

Gerhard Eschelbeck, Previously CISO at Google & Advisor at Traceable

Works with your stack

Amazon Linux

Why did we build Traceable?

We believe:

  • The threats are inside the application and security needs to be from the inside out
  • Change and attacks are now continuous so security must be able to adapt to continuously changing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Security is not simply a department or a job title – it’s a team effort (Architects, Engineering and Developers, Operations, and information security.)

Our vision:

Combine application observability with AI/ML-based security to support the whole team.

  • Know and understand  the inner workings of the application
  • Automatically detect changes (new APIs, new services) and learn autonomously
  • Provide accurate and real-time information to the team

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with constant change. Get the inside trace.

Application architectures and the security landscape is constantly changing. How do you keep up to date? What are the latest thoughts on protecting your applications?

(R)evolution in
Application Security

The application renaissance has begun. Delivering new application features and functions every two weeks is now table stakes. Learn how to re-think security for the future.

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An open source vision.


We have made our distributed tracing technology available as an open source project named Hypertrace. While our application security and machine learning capabilities will remain proprietary, Hypertrace is open source and available for free to every developer in need of a distributed tracing and observability platform.

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