Compare API Security Tools

What does API Security include?

What capabilities are required?

And which product has those capabilities?

As the need for API Security is becoming more apparent, there are many new tools offering to help with API Security, and many existing tools adding API Security onto their list of existing features.

This page is intended to help us all make sense of it by comparing API Security tools using a common set of capabilities.

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For the first phase of this project we are comparing each tool against what Traceable AI offers. We will add other product-to-product comparisons in later iterations.

We will continue to add comparison criteria and other API Security products. Please use the feedback button in the bottom left of the page if you have criteria or products that we should add, or if you find something we need to correct.

We hope this will become a valuable resource for those looking to adopt API Security.

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“Traceable helps us see how the apps and APIs are actually used in production and what vulnerabilities might exist so that they can be fixed proactively.”

Greg Phillips, Houwzer
Greg Phillips,
CTO, Houwzer

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“Traceable is future-proofing organizations’ API security strategies by detecting anomalous API traffic from edge to data, and creating actionable intelligence to respond to threats in cloud-native environments.”

Lakshmi Hanspal, CISO, Box & Investor at SVCI


“Traceable’s approach fundamentally differs from others in that it understands the application’s intent and its correct usage behavior. No other product does this.”

Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade & Investor at SVCI


“Traceable solves one of the biggest problems security teams face, which is distinguishing between valid and malicious use of an application’s APIs.”

Gerhard Eschelbeck, Previously CISO at Google & Advisor at Traceable

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