About Traceable

Traceable was founded by serial entrepreneurs Jyoti Bansal and Sanjay Nagaraj. Bansal and Nagaraj saw the massive adoption of cloud-native architectures firsthand during their time at AppDynamics. As a result, they founded Traceable to protect APIs from next-generation attacks.

Traceable has grown to be the industry’s leading API security platform that identifies and tests APIs, evaluates API risk posture, stops API attacks, and provides deep analytics for threat hunting and forensic research.

Our Mission

APIs are the lynchpin of modern applications. Literally everything is now integrated through APIs. They are now a requirement in sharing information and giving your customers a seamless experience with your services. In addition, the vast majority of sensitive data is now transmitted via API.

Our mission at Traceable is to protect every API, to help ensure the security of the services and data that power modern applications.

Leading the Way in API Security

Jyoti Bansal
CEO & Co-Founder
Sanjay Nagaraj
CTO & Co-Founder
Richard Bird
Chief Security Officer
Stephen Jahn
Chief Financial Officer
Ashish Kuthiala
Chief Marketing Officer
Arpit Patel
Chief Customer Officer
Jisheng Wang
VP of Engineering and Head of AI
Naresh Agarwal
Head of India R&D Center, Traceable
Andreas Wuchner
Head Information Security Governance, IT Risk Management and Training & Awareness at Credit Suisse
John Kindervag
Creator of Zero Trust, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, ON2IT Group Fellow at ON2IT Cybersecurity
Chase Cunningham
Chief Strategy Officer and a leading cybersecurity expert and originator of Forrester’s ZTX Zero Trust Extended Framework
Gerhard Eschelbeck
Previously VP of Security at Google, Inc.
Joan Pepin
Chief Security Officer at Auth0
Martin Rues
Chief Information Security Officer at Outreach Corporation
Upendra Mardikar
EVP, Chief Information Security Officer at TIAA
Nicolas Chaillan
First U.S. Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer (CSO)

Backed by Top Cybersecurity Investors

Traceable is a privately funded company with approximately $80 million in venture financing. The Company announced a $20 million Series A round in July 2020. In May of 2022, Traceable announced their $60 million Series B round. The latest Series B funding values Traceable at more than $450 million. This investment round was led by Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), and other investors include Tiger Global Management and existing investors Unusual Ventures and BIG Labs.

The World’s Leading Enterprises Trust Traceable

The Traceable API Security Platform protects the world’s innovation across every vertical. All of our customers are deployed in 7 days or less, and we work closely with them to ensure continuous protection as their organizations scale.


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