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Digital frontiers are expanding at an unprecedented pace and with them, the landscape of cybersecurity. Applications, data transfers, and integrations hinge on APIs, presenting a new dimension of risk.

Discover the intelligent approach to complete API security. Welcome to Traceable.
APIs are now the universal attack vector. How are you protecting your APIs?
APIs are dangerous because they expand the attack surface across all vectors, and therefore, present the largest attack surface we have ever encountered in the industry.

In the past, hackers had to find ways of bypassing existing solutions, such as WAFs, DLP, API Gateways, and other solutions, in order to find data and disrupt systems. Now, they can simply exploit an API, and obtain access to sensitive data, and not even have to exploit the other solutions in the security stack.

This is why more organizations need to take API security seriously, and make it an integral part of their broader cybersecurity strategy.
It's now or never - why APIs are the linchpin of your company's security:
  • Traditional solutions don't cover the API layer. Your WAF, WAAP, API Gateway and API Lifecycle Management solutions do not cover API security vulnerabilities and threats.
  • The majority of sensitive data is transmitted via API. By addressing the vulnerability of the data itself, including data types and where they travel, organizations can secure data regardless of where the APIs transmit it.
  • API Sprawl is out of control. As the number of APIs and the complexity of apps grow, it becomes very hard to track how many APIs exist, where they are located, and what they’re doing.
Traceable Powers Complete API Protection
The Traceable Advantage
One Platform. Unparalleled Protection.

Traceable is a complete API security platform that allows for discovery and security posture management, threat protection and threat management, across the entire SDLC.

Traceable is the only contextually-informed API security solution

The core foundation of the comprehensive Traceable API Security Platform is the API Data Lake which understands every detail of all your APIs and the data associated with the APIs by collecting data on runtime details such as sensitive data flows, API call maps, API usage behavior, user details, event details, threat activity levels, and more.

The Bottom Line: The API Data Lake provides security context, a function that no other solution can claim without a data lake as a vital component of their solution architecture.

Protect Sensitive Data and Maintain Compliance

With Traceable, you can implement Zero Trust Access Policies for advanced data protection.

Choose numerous data sets to apply to data access policies, including GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance, as well as AWS Auth, Azure Auth, GCP Auth, and personal information for different geolocations, such as North America and the European Union.

The World’s Leading and Largest Enterprises Trust Traceable
Discover why Traceable is the first choice for enterprises looking to implement API Security in their organization.
The Definitive Guide to API Security
Everything you need to know about API security, why it’s a different attack surface, and exactly what you need to do in order for complete protection of your most vulnerable assets.
Traceable's API Security Platform is Built to Provide Coverage for Top Use Cases
  • Sensitive Data Exfiltration
  • Account Takeover
  • API Discovery and Security Posture Management
  • API Inventory
  • API Governance
  • API Fraud
  • API Abuse
  • Malicious Sources
  • Incident Response
  • FFIEC Compliance
  • Zero Trust

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“Traceable's API Protection also offers machine-learning capabilities that enable it to learn and adapt to new threats over time. This feature is especially crucial in the constantly evolving threat landscape of today, where new attacks are constantly emerging.”

- Head of R&D, Security Architect, Telecom Industry
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“It became a one stop shop for us to review and approve API usage through the dev cycle. Traceable allowed us to quickly identify our API risk in terms of data leakage and auth issues. We were to quickly fix these issues in dev, before they ever got introduced into prod.”

- Principal Security Architect, Software Industry
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“Very open to discussing new applications of the product as well as walking me through and making sure both they AND I understand what it is we're trying to do. For example, while I may have a use case that is a bit different from what the product typically does, they come out, and together we walk it through and make sure we've both understood the goal and the desired outcome of the new use case for their product.”

- IT Security and Risk Mgmt, Financial Services
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