The Traceable Advantage

Contextual API Security

In a cloud-first, API-driven world, Traceable is the only contextually informed solution that powers complete API security, enabling organizations to minimize risk and maximize the value APIs bring to their customers.

The Only Purpose Built Platform for Comprehensive API Protection

Traceable Supports The Most Deployment Options

Finds APIs no matter where they reside.

Broad and Deep Data Collection From Everywhere

Catalog every API, associated API data, sensitive data flows, and risk posture – even as your environment changes.

Broad Based Detection and Protection Solutions 

Protect and detect against API threats - Stop sensitive data disclosure, OWASP API Top 10 Attacks, API abuse, digital fraud and bot mitigation.

Measurably Reduce Risk at Enterprise Scale

Scale to secure APIs for enterprises of every size.

Reduce Risk at Enterprise Scale


API calls protected per month


Critical vulnerabilities found each week


APIs monitored across our customer base


API attacks detected and blocked per month

See What Sets Traceable Apart From Alternatives

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Reasons Why Customers Trust Traceable

 Leader in GigaOm Radar for API Security

 90% of customers are deployed and operational in production

2024 Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award

Top rated API Security Platform on Gartner Peer Insights

“It became a one stop shop for us to review and approve API usage through the dev cycle. Traceable allowed us to quickly identify our API risk in terms of data leakage and auth issues. We were to quickly fix these issues in dev, before they ever got introduced into prod."

Principal Security Architect,
Software Industry

“Very open to discussing new applications of the product as well as walking me through and making sure both they AND I understand what it is we're trying to do. For example, while I may have a use case that is a bit different from what the product typically does, they come out, and together we walk it through and make sure we've both understood the goal and the desired outcome of the new use case for their product.”

IT Security and Risk Mgmt,
Financial Services

“Traceable's API Protection also offers machine-learning capabilities that enable it to learn and adapt to new threats over time. This feature is especially crucial in the constantly evolving threat landscape of today, where new attacks are constantly emerging.”

Head of R&D, Security Architect,
Telecom Industry

Traceable is the Award-Winning API Security Leader

Fortress Cyber Security Award 2024 Notable Capital Rising in Cyber Award 2024Intellyx Digital Innovator 2024Tech Ascension Award 2024