The world runs on code, our mission is to protect every line of it.

About us.

Traceable was founded by third-time entrepreneur Jyoti Bansal and Sanjay Nagaraj. Bansal and Nagaraj saw the massive adoption of cloud-native architectures firsthand during their time at AppDynamics and founded Traceable as a result to protect applications from next-generation attacks.

Traceable applies the power of machine learning and distributed tracing to understand the DNA of the application, how it is changing, and where there are anomalies in order to detect and block threats, making businesses more secure and resilient.

Our team has decades of experience in designing and operating industry-leading products to help modern DevOps, SRE and engineering teams. Our founding team included founders and key executives at AppDynamics and Harness, leading companies in the DevOps space.

We have seen first hand transition to micro services and cloud-native architectures, and we have clearly seen how application security has become a major bottleneck for many companies. We are bringing our expertise with DevOps and managing large-scale distributed systems to rethink how modern applications and APIs can be secured.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Grace Morgan

Marketing Contact Coordinator

Grace is the face of Traceable marketing coordination, she helps connect our community with key people and resources at Traceable in order to help them improve the security of their mobile applications. As a completely virtual team member, she honors just a few of the amazing contributions of brilliant pioneers, inventors, and leaders such as Adm Grace Hopper, inventor of COBOL, and Mary Sherman Morgan, a rocket scientist and inventor of Hydyne, a key rocket fuel.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

John Jeremiah

Director, Marketing

John Jeremiah is an enterprise DevOps evangelist and marketing leader at  John is a multifaceted marketing and IT software leader with over 20 years of IT leadership and software experience.

He led and built the product marketing function at GitLab where he implemented a use case driven framework to position the business value of GitLab.  At HP/HPE, he formed and led the Digital Research team spearheading industry research where he helped develop and shape DevOps positioning and go-to-market strategy.  Promoting DevOps and both internally and externally has presented at TEDx, launched an HPEs internal ‘DevOps Sharing’ virtual conference, and helped co-found where he wrote about IT and DevOps.

He has held a variety of leadership roles with the U.S. Navy, IT consulting, and Fortune 500 IT organizations. Jeremiah’s experience spans from enterprise application developer, project and program manager, and IT Director where he has led a software delivery transformation adopting an Agile and mature development process framework.  

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University and a master’s degree in Information Technology from The George Washington University School of Business.  

John lives in Merritt Island Florida with his wife and daughter where they are active scuba divers, rocket launch watchers, and hurricane dodgers.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Ashish Kuthiala


Ashish Kuthiala is the Chief Marketing Officer for  Ashish brings more than 20 years of experience in the software industry to his role at Traceable AI. Ashish Kuthiala joins Traceable from GitLab, where he was the Senior Director for Strategic Marketing, establishing and leading the product marketing, technical marketing, competitive intelligence, analyst relations, customer references, partner and channel marketing teams at GitLab. At GitLab, Ashish helped GitLab establish its brand and grow the valuation of the company from $200m to over $6b.

Prior to this role, Ashish was Director for Strategy and Marketing for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s DevOps portfolio, Vice-President of Marketing of Electric Cloud (acquired by CloudBees), Senior Director of Product Marketing at AccelOps (acquired by Fortinet), and held various roles at Hewlett-Packard, leading teams across various functions including marketing, product development, product management, and R&D. Previously, Ashish held various software development roles at ReplayTV (acquired by DIRECTV) and Alltel (acquired by Fidelity Information Services).

Born in Buenos Aires, Ashish has a diverse international background having grown up in 7 countries and is fluent in multiple languages. Ashish has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Engineering.  Ashish lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two children.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Dan Gordon

Director Technical Evangelism

Dan Gordon leads Technical Evangelism at Traceable AI. Dan is passionate about advancing the adoption of modern software development and delivery practices. A previous dev, ops, and then secops, he’s experienced the human toll of doing software the wrong way.

Dan has been a product manager and evangelist at multiple award winning DevOps tool vendors, including GitLab and Electric Cloud. As a technical evangelist, he's excited to continue teaching organizations about adopting new DevSecOps software practices and tools so they can rapidly and securely develop, deliver, and operate in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Sanjay Nagaraj

CTO & Co-Founder

Sanjay Nagaraj is an entrepreneur and a silicon valley engineering leader.

Sanjay believes in building products and teams that are obsessed with customer’s success. Prior to co-founding Traceable, he was VP Engineering for AppDynamics/Cisco. At AppDynamics he was responsible for product teams for Application Performance Management and Database Monitoring products. He was responsible for scaling teams across different geographic locations. The innovation that he and his team built was critical in helping DevOps teams to lead the digital transformation at many of fortune 100 companies. The customer obsession of his team and the products at AppDynamics he was responsible for generated over half a billion dollars in revenue during his tenure.

As a senior engineering leader, he has been building complex enterprise software solutions over 20 years. Sanjay received his BS in Computer Science from University of Mysore. Prior to AppDynamics, Sanjay worked at various companies including Hyperion Solutions(Oracle) and Philips. Sanjay is an inventor credited with 10+ US Patents.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Jyoti Bansal

CEO & Co-Founder

Jyoti Bansal is a serial entrepreneur and a silicon valley technology visionary.

Jyoti believes passionately in software’s ability to change the world for the better. In 2008, he founded AppDynamics, an application intelligence company that provides enterprises with real-time insights into application performance. Jyoti led the company as founder & CEO for the first eight years, and as founder & Chairman for the last year until its acquisition by Cisco for $3.7 Billion in January 2017.

Jyoti is founder/CEO of BIG Labs - a startup studio aiming to co-create companies that can help define the future of software and technology. He is also cofounder/CEO of Harness - the leading continuous-delivery-as-a-service company, and cofounder of Unusual Ventures - a leading early stage venture capital firm.

Jyoti has been a recipient of many leadership awards, including Forbes’ “Best Cloud Computing CEO to Work For”, and “Best CEO” by San Francisco Business Times at the Annual Tech & Innovation Award. He was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year™ for Northern California in 2016.

Jyoti received his BS in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Prior to founding AppDynamics, Jyoti worked at various silicon valley startups as a software engineer and architect. Jyoti is the lead inventor on 20+ US patents.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Andreas Wuchner

Head Information Security Governance, IT Risk Management and Training & Awareness at Credit Suisse

Andreas Wuchner is an experienced and recognized senior executive leader with extensive international general management experience of global diversified businesses and a proven track record.

With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of Information Security, IT-Security & Information Risk management, Andreas worked with partners all over the world. His focus areas are within highly regulated environments such as life science and financial services.

Before joining Credit Suisse as Managing Director, Andreas worked for Hewlett Packard / HPE / DXC as their Security CTO. His extensive experience includes stops as CIO and CISO for UBS and running Security Operations for Deutsche Bank. Andreas started his professional career in the life science world managing security and compliance at Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Andreas has a wide range of information security and organization management experience, covering a broad spectrum of security related activities, including IT-Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, IT Audit, Security operations, Security innovation, e-discovery, investigations, strategy & communications, developing security capabilities and operating departmental budgets and plans.

Andreas is very active in the cyber start-up world. His last successful advisory activities included Cylance (acquired by BlackBerry) Armis Inc (Inside Partners & Google investment) and CyGlass (acquired by Nominet UK) where he provided strategic direction and advice. He is a regular public speaker on conferences like the RSA conference. He was also a co-author of the “Advancing Cyber Resilience: Principles and Tools for Boards” published by the World Economic Forum.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Gerhard Eschelbeck

Previously VP of Security at Google, Inc.

After 25 years in the security industry, Gerhard Eschelbeck recently retired from Google, where he was Vice President Security and Privacy Engineering. He was leading the teams that ensure data and systems security, as well as user privacy. Gerhard has a passion for championing new technologies and is a trusted advisor and board member to several early stage startup companies. He published the “Laws of Vulnerabilities” and is one of the inventors of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), and holds numerous patents in the field of managed network security. Prior to joining Google, Gerhard was CTO and Senior Vice President at Sophos and Qualys, and served in senior product and technology roles at companies including Network Associates and McAfee. Gerhard has a Ph.D in computer science from University Linz, Austria.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Joan Pepin

Chief Security Officer at Auth0

As CSO Joan is responsible for the holistic security and compliance of Auth0's platform, products, corporate environment, and people. She brings 20 years of experience to the role, with a career that has spanned a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, defense, ISPs, and MSSPs.

Previously, Joan served as Business Information Security Officer (BISO) at Nike, Inc., as Sumo Logic's CISO and VP of Security. She has also held positions at Guardent, Verisign, and Secureworks (through acquisitions) where she invented several core technologies and established key initiatives around policy management, security metrics, and incident response. She holds a patent for developing a methodology to assess whether a communication contains an attack.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Martin Rues

Chief Information Security Officer at Outreach Corporation

An accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience developing, securing and delivering cloud services. Martin demonstrates the ability to deliver mission-critical results while leveraging business development skills by building strategic partnerships through negotiation and personal presence. He has managed technical projects with adept executive-level communication, outstanding presentation and cross-cultural team management skills. He is a high-energy, results-oriented leader with an entrepreneurial attitude, a passion for building relationships, cultivating partnerships and growing businesses.

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Sanjay Nagaraj Headshot

Upendra Mardikar

Chief Security Officer at Snap Finance (American Express, Visa, and PayPal)

A prolific inventor and cyber security & digital identity executive with an “art of possible” mindset who led global teams to secure world class organizations including American Express, Visa, PayPal and is credited with 95+ patents issued and pending.

Upendra is the Chief Security Officer of Snap Finance, a leading omnichannel digital first fintech and POS lender, where he leads cyber security while building new platforms to enable growth opportunities. This includes securing innovative multi-cloud platforms and products, Artificial Intelligence, client-facing technology, and customer and developer experiences.

He is a regular speaker at esteemed conferences for Stanford University, Global Big Data Conference, NFC forums, European Identity Conference, KNOW Identity Conference, Global Retail Conference in Canada, IOT conference and others. Featured in Genius Journal, he helped pioneer blockchain in Amex and filed patents on blockchain and DLTs. He and his team worked on IOT security and payments and participated in several industry standard bodies like EMV,Global Platform, PCI-DSS, FIDO, etc.

He is an advisory board director for select security startups and helps venture capitalists evaluate companies. He holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, California and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from VNIT, Nagpur, India. He is credited with 95+ patents issued and pending and has received awards for innovation and leadership.

Our team.

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Backed by invested partners.

Traceable was spun out of BIG Labs, a startup studio designed to solve hard technology problems and build enduring companies. Traceable has raised $20M in Series A funding from BIG Labs and Unusual Ventures.

An open source vision.

We have made our distributed tracing technology available as an open source project named Hypertrace. While our application security and machine learning capabilities will remain proprietary, Hypertrace is open source and available for free to every developer in need of a distributed tracing and observability platform.

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