How Traceable AI Works


A modern foundation for cloud-native app security.

Distributed tracing and TraceAI machine learning power accurate and actionable insights to give you visibility, protection, and analytics for your cloud-native apps.

Traceable is designed to work with your existing infrastructures and can be deployed in minutes. For deeper analytics Traceable language modules can be easily added to application includes. For efficiency and compliance Traceable agents can aggregate data inside customer networks, and scrub it of sensitive data before sending transaction meta-data to the Traceable cloud.

Cloud-native app security

Deploy Traceable in 10 minutes or less.

Traceable deploys into Kubernetes or other microservices environments through Kubernetes sidecars, in-app agents and plugins for API gateways.

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distributed tracing

You can’t secure what you don’t trace.

Traceable’s distributed tracing collects user activity, API activity, data flow, and code execution data for complete security observability across your cloud-native applications.

Distributed Tracing

Why distributed tracing?

Distributed tracing is an observability technique where lightweight agent modules collect code-level diagnostic data from within production applications as code executes. It spans multiple microservices and is an extremely powerful yet low overhead method to collect runtime application data related to application security. This technique greatly increases the accuracy and depth of threat detection and protection.

Why make it open source?

We’ve made our distributed tracing technology open source through the HyperTrace project because we believe everyone deserves complete observability into their applications.

Hypertracelearn more

Traceable works with your stack


“Traceable helps us see how the apps and APIs are actually used in production and what vulnerabilities might exist so that they can be fixed proactively.”

Greg Phillips,
CTO, Houwzer
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“Traceable is future-proofing organizations’ API security strategies by detecting anomalous API traffic from edge to data, and creating actionable intelligence to respond to threats in cloud-native environments.”

Lakshmi Hanspal, CISO, Box & Investor at SVCI

“Traceable’s approach fundamentally differs from others in that it understands the application’s intent and its correct usage behavior.  No other product does this.”

Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade & Investor at SVCI

“Traceable solves one of the biggest problems security teams face, which is distinguishing between valid and malicious use of an application’s APIs.”

Gerhard Eschelbeck, Previously CISO at Google & Advisor at Traceable

intelligence & learning

Continuous full
application context.

The Traceable AI platform continuously learns from collected distributed tracing data to build a baseline of what normal API and app behavior looks like across your cloud-native apps. Then it compares each activity against this baseline, automatically detecting when behavior deviates from the norm.

Intelligence & Learning

Why machine learning?

Only machine learning can keep up with the evolving threats of modern attacks. Traceable uses multiple machine learning techniques like deep learning, clustering, classification, unsupervised learning and more for a complete view of your APIs and cloud-native apps.

What powers the AI?

Machine learning is only as good as the data you feed into it. We use distributed tracing to inform our AI so it’s always on guard to detect and block anomalous threats from API attacks, business logic attacks, and even unknown attacks.

Easy to get started.

1. Sign up

Register using your Google login or your email address. Enterprise customers can also use well-known IAM providers such as Okta.

2. Install a Traceable  platform agent

Traceable platform agents are responsible for managing and maintaining the data collection agents within the customer infrastructure and enforces basic application security.

3. Plugin Traceable tracing agents

The Traceable tracing agents collect data and events from your systems and apps. They can be plugged into a variety of spots in your technology stack.

4. Discover, protect, and analyze

Congratulations! You have all the required components installed to experience the benefits of tracing and machine learning for securing your APIs.

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