API Security for Cloud-Native Apps

Traceable AI continuously secures your APIs by bringing you deep visibility, real-time protection, and threat analytics. Traceable AI combines distributed tracing and advanced context-based behavioral analytics to deliver modern API security to your cloud-native and API-based applications. It operates out-of-band or inline and doesn’t require agents or changes to application code.


Provides deep visibility into your API and application inventory



The industry’s most complete attack detection and protection



API & application security analytics and insights data lake


Know where you are exposed

Understand the real-time security posture of your application and APIs in your fast-paced, constantly changing microservices-based applications.

API Discovery

Always know your exposure. API Discovery constantly inventories your APIs, including shadow and orphaned APIs, and notifies you of API changes. It also maps your app topologies and data flows, including connectivity between edge APIs, internal services, and data stores.


Know every detail of all your APIs. API DNA automatically gets specs on protocol, method, parameter details, data types, data sensitivity, value boundaries, character distribution, structure, and more for every endpoint.

API Insights

Understand the behavior of your APIs. For every endpoint, API Insights collects info on runtime details such as sensitive data flows, API call maps, API usage behavior, user details, event & threat details, and more.

API Risk Monitoring

Help prioritize your security focus. For every endpoint, API Risk Monitoring continuously updates risk scores based on a calculation of likelihood and the possible impact of an attack, based on over 70 different criteria.

User Attributed Activity Tracking

Visualize security events as kill chains as executed by threat actors (not just IPs) and see all their threat activity across applications, sessions, and time to get an overall view of the threat they pose.

Easy to get started

1. Sign up

Register using your Google login or your email address. Enterprise customers can also use well-known IAM providers such as Okta.

2. Configure Traceable AI to collect API traffic

Traceable AI guides you in configuring data collection (agentless or with in-app agents). Configuration is designed to be fast, easy, and low friction to get you securing your APIs quickly.

3. Discover, protect, and analyze

Congratulations! You have all the required configurations set up to experience the benefits of tracing and machine learning for securing your APIs.


Detect & Stop API and Web Attacks

Detect and block OWASP (web) Top 10 and OWASP API Top 10 attacks. Machine learning continuously adapts to a changing threat environment, increasing your cloud-native security, confidence and reducing false positives.

API & Web Application Protection

Stop API and web-based attacks. Protect your applications with a WAF powered by ML anomaly detection for low false positives without signature maintenance. And with advanced session-aware AI it detects and blocks known and unknown attacks.
See protection comparison details

Sensitive Data Tracking

Prevent sensitive data exposure. Identify API endpoints that handle sensitive data. See meta-data details of all data used by all endpoints. Identify external facing and internal APIs handling sensitive data. Identify APIs endpoints without authentication.

ATO and Brute-force Attack Protection

Protect against ATO and brute force attacks. Rate limiting and IP range blocking rules enable protecting against any IP address that exceeds a predefined usage threshold for a login API Endpoint.

API Vulnerability Detection

Identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Real-time detection of API misconfigurations within applications prevents malicious exploitation by cybercriminals.

Multi-session Threat Detection

Gain visibility into API call sequences within and across user sessions so you can detect logic bombs and threats that stem from application logic abuse.

Drop-in Security Enhancement

Integrate directly into your API gateway to automatically block threats and adapt to application changes in real-time as you add or update existing APIs and code.


“Traceable helps us see how the apps and APIs are actually used in production and what vulnerabilities might exist so that they can be fixed proactively.”

Greg Phillips, Houwzer
Greg Phillips,
CTO, Houwzer

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“Traceable is future-proofing organizations’ API security strategies by detecting anomalous API traffic from edge to data, and creating actionable intelligence to respond to threats in cloud-native environments.”

Lakshmi Hanspal, CISO, Box & Investor at SVCI


“Traceable’s approach fundamentally differs from others in that it understands the application’s intent and its correct usage behavior. No other product does this.”

Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade & Investor at SVCI


“Traceable solves one of the biggest problems security teams face, which is distinguishing between valid and malicious use of an application’s APIs.”

Gerhard Eschelbeck, Previously CISO at Google & Advisor at Traceable


Use Insights to Improve

DevOps teams can explore the data-lake of transaction data to learn how their data flows, investigate security incidents, solve issues, find collateral damage, and accelerate time to resolution and remediation.

Trace Explorer

Enable teams to explore and extract critical security information from all transactions captured in a data lake. Freeform query building enables multi-dimensional slicing of the data. Interactive results enable exploration.

Threat Hunting

Ensure you are ahead of your attackers by searching through the transaction data lake for potential threats. Find the signs of reconnaissance and take action before the full attack.


Reduce time to remediation, enable deep investigation/forensics, and enhanced troubleshooting. Full transaction (trace) details including requests and responses are captured and available for search and review.

Audit and Compliance

Simplify audits and compliance by maintaining a complete and up-to-date API inventory and when changes are made to them. Meet data privacy compliance requirements by tracking and reporting on sensitive data and where it is exposed.

API Performance Metrics

Enable performance management and tuning. Metrics for the number of API calls, error distribution, latency distribution, call frequency, etc.

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