The future of WAF and Web Application API Protection

Product Overview

End-to-end security for APIs and Cloud-native applications

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Application and API security for the cloud-native era.

Protect your apps and APIs, monitor activity with full application context, and investigate anomalies to diagnose and fix vulnerabilities before they become problems.


Keep threats from attacking your apps.

You need a modern security solution to meet modern threats. Powered by the best data and smartest AI, Traceable is both a smart Web Application Firewall - WAF and Run Time Application Self Protection - RASP. Accurately detecting and blocking malicious activity by continuously learning from real application activity.

Block emerging threats & OWASP API top 10

Web application api protection - Secure your APIs and application layer with the latest community recommendations from the OWASP API Top 10 initiative including authorization bypass, mass assignment and other business logic vulnerabilities.

Block OWASP Top 10 & known threats

WAF like protection - Automatically detect and protect your applications from known common threats and web application attacks, such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), XML External Entities (XXE), and more.

Detect threats across sessions

Gain visibility into API call sequences within and across user sessions so you can detect threats that stem from application logic abuse.

Automatically prevent attacks

Integrate directly into your API gateway to automatically block threats (RASP) and adapt to application changes in real-time as you add or update existing APIs and code.


Defend your apps inside and out.

Observe all user activity and API interactions, then act on unexpected user and API behaviors.

Full application context

Monitor threats with complete observability into user behavior, data flow, API activity and code execution, and get custom alerts on unexpected user behaviors.

Map app topology & data flow

An application firewall that learns - Auto-discover your entire cloud-native application topology, including connectivity between edge APIs, internal services, and data stores.

Resolve threats quickly

See security events organized as kill chains executed by malicious users to streamline threat analysis and expedite resolution.

Stay informed 24x7

Get Traceable alerts delivered in Slack, email and existing SOC systems for quick response from the tools of your choice.


Double click into insights and forensics.

From full call flow analysis to data flow tracing, you’ll be able to investigate, diagnose and fix problems across infrastructure and code.

Perform deep forensics

Drill down into system behavior and identify the errors, users, URL, possible security events and relevant parameters needed to address the risk.

Triage attacks 10x faster

Review individual security events without having to parse through hundreds of log files across microservices and decrease analysis time by over 10x.

Custom dashboards

Quickly build customized charts and data visualizations that summarize attack analysis for the executive team.

DevSecOps collaboration

Get infrastructure, services, and code-level threat analysis in a single platform to facilitate collaboration and expedite threat resolution.

How it Works

A modern foundation for cloud-native app security.

Distributed tracing and TraceAI machine learning power accurate and actionable insights to protect, investigate, and monitor your cloud-native apps.


You can’t secure what you don’t trace.

Traceable’s distributed tracing collects user behavior, API, data flow, and code execution data for complete observability across your cloud-native applications. Effectively, a WAAP, protecting the application and apis. Deploy Traceable in less than 5 minutes and instantly get a complete topology map, full API specs and performance metrics.

Why distributed tracing?

In today’s cloud native world,  production requests can often touch tens or hundreds of services. Distributed tracing enables observability of production requests by grouping causal data from each service into a request trace. Traceable’s agents add application security data into these traces, in a safe and low overhead way. This technique greatly increases the accuracy and depth of threat detection and protection.

Why make it open source?

While Traceable's focus is threat detection and protection, we rely on generalizable distributed tracing technology. We believe everyone deserves commercial grade observability, so we made our distributed tracing technology available as an open source project named Hypertrace.

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Deploy Traceable in 5 minutes or less.

Traceable deploys into Kubernetes or other microservices environments through Kubernetes sidecars, in-app agents and plugins for API gateways.

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Never stop machine learning.

TraceAI, Traceable’s machine learning technology, continuously learns from collected tracing data to understand normal user and application behavior. Live user and application activity is compared against the understood norm to detect deviations and malicious activity.

Why machine learning?

Only machine learning can keep up with the pace of new and evolving threats to cloud-native apps. API interaction is too complex for humans to manually observe the presence of known threats or to detect abnormal behavior. Machine learning is required to understand complex data interaction between users and APIs.

What powers the AI?

Machine learning is only as good as the data you feed into it. But because we use distributed tracing to inform our AI, it’s always on guard to detect anomalous threats.

Traceable uses a multitude of proprietary and standard machine learning algorithms uniquely adapted to the security and observability landscape. TraceAI relies mostly on unsupervised, self-supervised, self-evaluating and exploratory-learning algorithms that constantly adapt to changing data while also learning from analyst feedback.

Shift left and code at full speed.

Installs in 5 minutes

Traceable is cloud based and a snap to install and delivers comprehensive security and performance observability for your cloud-native app in minutes

Speed of DevOps

Distributed tracing and TraceAI machine learning let developers continuously deliver without compromising security.


Traceable’s topology maps, real-time API specs, and observability metrics provide valuable day-to-day insights for developers.