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A Comprehensive Guide to API  Security Vendors

What does API Security include?

What capabilities are required?

Which products has those capabilities?

As the need for API Security is becoming more apparent, there are many new tools offering to help with API Security, and many existing tools adding API Security onto their list of existing features. 

This guide is intended to help us all make sense of it by comparing top API Security Solutions using a common set of capabilities.

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The guide provides a deeper dive into each of the below 9 solutions based on a collection of 14 API Security Solution Requirements.

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About this guide:

This analysis and comparison is based on research of public-facing documentation and content and is intended to educate and inform the market about how different solutions address API security requirements. We welcome feedback to make this evaluation more accurate.  If you see any errors, please click on the ‘Feedback’ button on the lower left of the page and we will update the page.