Why Traceable AI?

Better foundation. Better protection. Better Insights

Foundational advantage

Distributed Tracing captures it all.

Distributed tracing collects all your application communications, across API gateways, load balancers, proxies, Kubernetes clusters, service meshes, VM’s and containers, and within your application components too.
Doing so enables Traceable AI to document your entire API inventory and identify the communication behaviors between all internal and external APIs of the system and see where sensitive data is at risk.

The Traceable Behavioral Analytics AI Engine processes it all

The Traceable Behavioral Analytics AI Engine is optimized for learning from doing big data processing on huge amounts of distributed spans and traces. It learns by using multiple algorithms to understand how each of your APIs is unique.  Once it baselines your APIs, it watches closely on thousands of data points to identify anomalous behavior that is malicious instead of just normal changes.

Application context is king

The outcome of all the trace data and big data crunching by our AI engine is what we call Application Context. Application Context means we understand the behavior of your APIs, users, data, and code, as well as your API risk posture, and user trust.
Context is king for truly understanding the intent of your APIs to identify and protect against attackers that are not using your APIs as intended.

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Better protection than WAFs and RASPs

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) are the current solutions mainly deployed to protect web applications. WAFs are designed to protect against known attacks, using signatures from those attacks. RASP does not have the context of any app or app component other than itself and therefore can’t see more sophisticated attacks that are more distributed in nature. Both of these technologies are designed to protect against some of the vulnerabilities identified in the OWASP (web) Top 10, such as SQL-injection and cross-site scripting. Neither was created to secure APIs and unfortunately create a false sense of security.

The OWASP API Top 10 list defines the 10 most commonly attacked API vulnerabilities. Traceable AI protects against both the OWASP (web) Top 10 and OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities. It does this by learning from all transactions across the entire application landscape, using hundreds of thousands of data points, to determine what are normal behaviors for APIs, data, users, and code for every application and API, so that it can detect and block known AND unknown attacks.

The following table illustrates in detail how Traceable AI protection compares to WAFs and RASPs.


Overall protection score (out of 36)




API1:2019 - Broken Object Level AuthorizationA5:2017 - Broken Access Control
API2:2019 - Broken AuthenticationA2:2017 - Broken Authentication
API3:2019 - Excessive Data ExposureA3:2017 - Sensitive Data Exposure
API4:2019 - Lack of Resources and Rate Limiting-
API5:2019 - Broken Function Level AuthorizationA5:2017 - Broken Access Control
API6:2019 - Mass AssignmentA5:2017 - Broken Access Control
API7:2019 - Security MisconfigurationA6:2017 - Security Misconfiguration
API8:2019 - InjectionA1:2017 - Injection
A4:2017 - XML External Entities (XXE)
API9:2019 - Improper Assets ManagementA9:2017 - Using Comps with Known Vulns
API10:2019 - Insufficient Logging & MonitoringA10:2017 - Insufficient Logging & Monitoring
A7:2017 - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
A8:2017 - Insecure Deserialization
Other AttacksSSRF
Path manipulation
Local file inclusion (LFI)
Remote code execution
HTTP request smuggling
Anomaly DetectionMissing consistent parameter
Unseen parameter types
Double parameter / parameter confusion
Unexpected wildcard
Unexpected length
Unexpected enum value
Unknown HTTP header
Unknown device
Unexpected content type
Unexpected content length
Browser accessed non-browser endpoint
Request size mismatch
Unexpected HTTP method
Unexpected response code
has runtime protection for
doesn't have runtime protection for

See for yourself why Traceable is better.

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