API Security Risk Assessment from Traceable

Understand your entire API security posture in <48 hours

APIs are now the top attack vector for organizations across multiple industries. Organizations are contending with API security breaches including fraud, abuse, and sensitive data exfiltration – all of which result in financial losses, brand value erosion and operational downtime. 

In the API security risk assessment, our senior security engineers will show you where you are vulnerable, evaluate risk, obtain actionable intelligence, and show you how to build an enterprise-grade API security strategy.

The API Security Assessment also includes:

  1. Determining if your API security has been compromised
  2. Complete API security summary of findings
  3. Shift Left security evaluation
  4. API security best practices and recommendations
  5. Coverage for top use cases including API discovery, sensitive data exfiltration, account takeover, bot mitigation, shift left security, incident response, data privacy, developer remediation, and API security testing.


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