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Highlights for Security Executives on Traceable’s API Security

The majority of API security vendors focus only on one element of the API security challenge: API endpoint discovery. Traceable doesn’t believe full API security and runtime exploit protection can be accomplished through a point tool.

Traceable provides four platform capabilities: 1) API Discovery and Security Posture Management, 2) Runtime API exploit protection, capable of detecting and blocking both known and unknown API attacks, 3) Security analytics designed to give you a rich set of security and application flow data for threat hunting and security optimization, and 4) API security testing, to eliminate the risk of vulnerable APIs in pre-prod.

Read the executive overview to learn:

  1. An overview of API security challenges and how Traceable helps
  2. Coverage for top API security use cases
  3. Highlights of security metrics, results and ROI realized by Traceable customers

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